The Nutrigenomics Group was created in 1990 with the incorporation of Dr. Jaume Pérez-Sánchez to the IATS as a Tenured Scientist, and since then the Group actively collaborates with other National and International Research groups.

The collaboration with the Pathology Group of the IATS in the framework of R&D Projects and contracts with companies is especially relevant.

Currently, the Group is composed by two staff Researchers (Research Professor, Tenured Scientist), two Post-doctoral Scientists, two Pre-doctoral Fellows and two Technicians.

As supporting staff, the Group is assisted by the IATS Services of Animal Husbandry, Histology, and Supervision of Apparatus, Automation and Information Technology.

The Group is also supported by the external services of Biotechvana Company for the maintenance and development of bio-computing tools and massive data analysis.

DR. JAUME PÉREZ SÁNCHEZ Research Professor 233
DR. JOSEP CALDUCH GINER Tenured Scientist j.calduch@csic.es235
VERÓNICA DE LAS HERAS RODRÍGUEZTitulado superior contratado veronica.delasheras@csic.es232
MARIA ÁNGELES GONZÁLEZ ALBADALEJO Técnico de laboratorio mangeles@iats.csic.es232
DR. ERICK PERERA BRAVET Titulado superior contratado erick.perera@csic.es232
PAULA SIMÓ MIRABETBecario predocotoral paula.simo@csic.es232
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