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PhD student stay

Cristina Moreno Mariscal, PhD student at the IATA Food Sciences Laboratory, has completed a one-week training stay with the IATS Nutrigenomics group. Within the framework of his doctoral thesis co-directed by Drs. Federico Moroni (IATS) and Leticia Mora (IATA), she analyzed microbiota samples to determine the effects of a dietary additive, based on a porcine […]

AQUASERV Kickoff meeting

The kickoff meeting of the European Project AQUASERV was held April 9-10 at Faro, Portugal. This 2024-2029 project will contribute to significantly further scientific advance and promote and facilitate the implementation of European Common Fisheries Policy, the Farm to Fork Strategy, the Sustainable Blue Economy and the European Green Deal through the provision of transnational […]


PhD student Ibon García-Gallego from CCMAR (Portugal) is visiting IATS infrastructure through the AQUAEXCEL3.0 Transnational Acess (TNA) entitled FISH+ (Enhanching fish robustness through dietary functional additives). This TNA supervised by Nutrigroup Prof. Jaume Pérez-Sánchez. The TNA will analyze in the upcoming weeks the gut microbiota communities of samples from gilthead sea bream juveniles fed diets […]

The Stanford Ranking includes three IATS researchers working in the Valencian Community ThinkInAzul Program

The 2023 Stanford Ranking has recognized two IATS researchers (Jaume Pérez-Sánchez and Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla) among the most influential worldwide for their achievements throughout their research career. In addition, the Stanford list recognizes a third IATS researcher (Óscar Monroig) for his career over the last year. Congratulations on this important achievement! More information on the Valencian […]

Ricardo Domingo-Bretón nominated to Student Spotlight Award of Aquaculture Europe 23 Congress

Nutrigroup PhD student Ricardo Domingo-Bretón is one of the three nominees to the Student Spotlight Award granted by the EAS at the upcoming Aquaculture Europe 23 Congress (September 18-21, Vienna), with the work entitled “Gilthead sea bream microbiota shifts associated with thermal stress and dietary intervention during a record heat summer“. This work resulted by […]

AquaIMPACT training course on Nutritional Innovations for Selected Aquaculture Fish

The “Training course on Nutritional Innovations for Selected Aquaculture Fish” took place the 28-29 June in the Wageningen Campus, in the Netherlands. This was one of the two courses that AquaIMPACT project organized to train aquaculture professionals and students with the latest concepts about fish genomic selection and nutrition. A total of 24 students from […]

Beatriz Soriano doctorates

Beatriz Soriano successfully presented her doctoral thesis at Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio, UV-CSIC) on june 15th. Her work, entitled “Bioinformatics solutions for the analysis of omics data, knowledge discovery and genetic diagnosis in Sparus aurata and other biological organisms” was co-directed by Carlos Llorens (Biotechvana), Jaume Pérez (IATS Nutrigenomics Group) and Vicente Arnau (I2SysBio). It was financed by the Ministry of Science […]