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Gut microbiome as an important tool for the evaluation of cultured fish performance

The study of the composition of the gilthead sea bream gut microbiome is becoming a relevant item in the “omics” technological offer of IATS Nutrigenomics and Fish Pathology groups. Along 2021, this tool has been of importance to assess the effects of probiotics, feed additives and alternative protein sources in aquaculture feeds. This has resulted […]

Hypoxia and exercise performance in fish

Researchers from the Nutrigroup of IATS-CSIC have targeted the mild-hypoxia driving force for metabolic and muscle transcriptional reprogramming of gilthead sea bream juveniles, focusing on blood metabolic landmarks and muscle transcriptomics before and after exhaustive exercise. These results after mild-hypoxia conditioning highlighted an increased contribution of lipid metabolism to whole energy supply to preserve the […]

Insect larvae meal as a sustainable feed ingredient in aquaculture

A recent collaboration between IATS Nutrigenomics group and CIIMAR from Porto University (Portugal) has highlighted the feasibility of high replacement of fish meal in aquaculture diets with insect-derived meal. The effect of fish meal replacement by defatted mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) larvae meal in European sea bass aquafeeds was tested, evidencing that it was possible to […]

Nutrigenomics and Pathology groups of IATS at the University of Las Palmas

Researchers of Nutrigenomics and Fish Pathology groups of Institute of Aquaculture Torre de la Sal (IATS-CSIC) performed the second programmed sampling through the production cycle of sea bream to assess the differential effects of new diet formulations on the composition of gut microbiota of fish select for heritable growth. The study is conducted within the framework […]

Paula Simó-Mirabet doctorates

Paula has presented by video-conference during the Covid confinement her PhD Thesis at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The study entitled “MOLECULAR AND FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF SIRTUINS AS METABOLIC MARKERS IN SEABREAM  was conducted at the Institute of Aquaculture Torre de la Sal (IATS) with Dr. Jaume Pérez-Sánchez (Nutrigenómics and Fish Endocrinology group) as  PhD Director. […]

The success story of AQUAEXCEL2020 at 2019

The Institute of Aquaculture has participated actively on AQUAEXCEL2020 at 2019. Researchers of Fish Pathology and Nutrigenomics groups participated on two face to face training courses: Planning and conducting experimental infection trials in fish & Fish nutrition and feeding Four out of seven Project catalogues presented in the Info Day of EATiP of EAS Berlin […]

Epigenetic regulation of sirt1 in gilthead sea bream

Researchers from the Nutrigroup of IATS-CSIC have described the gene organization of the seven gilthead sea bream sirtuins, a family of proteins considered as master regulators of energy metabolism from bacteria to higher vertebrates. The study evidences the tissue-specific regulation of each sirtuin with the contribution of epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of sirt-1 at […]

Broodstock nutrition can shape scd1a gene expression in the gilthead sea bream offspring

Researchers from the Nutrigroup of IATS-CSIC and  IU-ECOAQUA of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University have evaluated the effects of linolenic acid (ALA) broodstock nutrition in the offspring of gilthead sea bream. The study revealed the epigenetic regulation of Δ9 fatty acid desaturase (scd1a), involving changes in the DNA-methylation of scd1a promoter close to SP1 […]


PhD student Federico Moroni, from the Department of Biotechnologies and Life Science of University of Insubria (Italy) has completed an AQUAEXCEL2020 TNA stay with IATS-Nutrigroup. The LABFORTIFEEDBREAM TNA is aimed to assess the beneficial effects of feeds fortification with lactic acid bacteria on the growth and intestinal health of cultured gilthead sea bream. Effects on […]