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We are looking for candidates to request a Juan de la Cierva formación contract (see bases here)  to develop a scientific career within the Nutrigenomics and Fish Growth Endocrinology Group (www.nutrigroup-iats.org) led by Dr. Jaume Pérez Sánchez at the Institute of Aquaculture Torre la Sal (IATS- CSIC). The work will be conducted within the framework […]

IATS-CSIC researchers sequence the gilthead sea bream genome

This species shows several genetic duplications, which could explain its high plasticity and adaptation capacity under different farming conditions. The findings of the study will be applied in genetic selection and environmental programming in order to improve the fish quality. For more information, visit CSIC webpage. The article has been published in Frontiers in Marine […]

Serum metabolome markers of intestinal parasitic infection in gilthead sea bream

Researchers of IATS-CSIC Nutrigenomics group and Fish Pathology group, in collaboration with Universitat Jaume I, Universidad de Cadiz and Portuguese Algarve University, have recently reported the effect of the myxozoan parasite Enteromyxum leei on gilthead sea bream gut integrity and permeability. The response to an experimental infection with E. leei was studied by means of […]

Protective effects of seaweed supplementation in European sea bass diets

Researchers of CIIMAR (Centro Interdisciplinar De Investigação Marinha e Ambiental, Portugal), ALGAPLUS Lda (Ílhavo, Portugal) and IATS Nutrigenomics group have reported the positive effects of 5% dietary supplementation of an aqueous extract of the seaweed Gracilaria sp on sea bass antioxidant capacity and resistance against a bacterial infection. The study revealed that fish fed the […]

IATS-Nutrigroup and Fish Pathology groups at AQUAEXCEL2020 Brokerage Event

The second AQUAEXCEL2020 brokerage event was celebrated at Aquaculture Europe 2019 in Berlin, as part of the EATiP Day (October 9th). This event provides an excellent opportunity to share with aquaculture industry stakeholders some of the many innovative outputs emerging from research within the AQUAEXCEL2020 project and through its Transnational Access (TNA) programme. The seven […]


Prof. Jaume Pérez Sánchez from the Instituto de Acuicultura Torre de la Sal (IATS-CSIC) participates in the training course of Fish Nutrition organized in Saint Pée sur Nivelle. He presented ongoing research in sea bream nutrition and genetic selection for reliable healthy phenotypes of farmed fish under intensive and sustainable production. Such approaches are based […]

Successful participation at XII AIEC Congress

Participation at the XII Congress of Iberian Association of Comparative Endocrinology (held 26-28 September 2019 in Faro, Portugal) was a successful and productive experience for IATS-Nutrigroup students. Fernando Naya-Català was awarded with a Best Oral Communication prize for his presentation about the gilthead sea bream genome and the adaptation insights derived of the large genome […]

AEFishBIT: Smart device for tracking fish behaviour

Researchers from CSIC and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria reported the design and functional validation of AEFishBIT in the Open Access journal Frontiers in Physiology. CSIC Communication Office has reported a press release about this important technological advance for the individual monitoring of farmed fish. Studies conducted with AEFishBIT at the Institute of […]