The IATS has four laboratories of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology where the different
Research Groups develop their activity. These laboratories have gas extraction booths and
mobile extraction systems. Each laboratory has a person responsible for compliance with
safety regulations and good laboratory practices.

Large instruments:
– Chromatographs of low liquid (FPLC) and high (HPLC) pressure.
– Gas chromatographs.
– Spectrophotometers, fluorimeters, plate readers (absorbance, fluorescence, polarized
fluorescence, luminescence).
– Densitometers, image analyzers of gels and membranes in absorbance, fluorescence
and chemiluminescence mode.
– Thermocyclers for PCR and quantitative PCR.
– Ac electrophoresis equipment nucleic acids and proteins (1D and 2D).
– Ultracentrifuges.
– Freeze dryers, ultrasound
– Autoclaves and sterilization units.
– Freezers (-80 ° C)

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