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Research Professor at the Institute of Aquaculture “Torre de la Sal” (IATS) member of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Doctor in Biological Sciences Degree by the University of  Barcelona. During  more than 43 years my research has been focused on Fish Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology mainly focused the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)a marine teleost fish species very important in Aquaculture. The goal of my research has been to generate relevant basic knowledge and to develop technologies quickly transferables to the ever growing aquaculture industry. Special interest  has been focused in the study  and control of puberty, gonad maturation and spawning. It is also of my interest the integration of environmental and physiological signals at the brain level and the neuroendocrine regulation of fish  reproductive processes. All as an instrument to understand basic mechanisms in vertebrate reproduction and to develop environmental protocols and hormonal therapies for the stimulation and control of fish reproduction in aquaculture.


Contact data

Institute of Aquaculture Torre de la Sal  (IATS)

Torre de la Sal  s/n

Ribera de Cabanes

12595 Castellón, Spain

Tel: +34964319500; Ext: 42

Fax: +34964319509

E-mail: s.zanuy@csic.es



Education and Training

● 1969 .- Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona

● 1975.- PhD Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona

● 1969-1972 .- PhD Fellowship: Institute of Fisheries Research (IIP-CSIC), Barcelona

● 1975-1976.- Post-doctoral training: Department of Pharmacology , University of Hawaii at Manoa  and

Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, USA


Professional experience

● 1972-1978.- Tenure Scientist: Institute of Fisheries Research (IIP-CSIC), Barcelona

● 1978-1987.-  Tenure Scientist: Institute of Aquaculture “Torre de la Sal” (IATS-CSIC) ,Castellón

● 1987-2002.-  Research Scientist: Institute of Aquaculture “Torre de la Sal” (IATS-CSIC) , Castellón

● 2002-2014.-  Research Professor: Institute of Aquaculture “Torre de la Sal” (IATS-CSIC), Castellón


Other relevant activities

● 1983-1987.- Deputy Director of the Institute of Aquiculture “Torre de la Sal” (IATS)

● 1983-2014.- Head of the  Team of Fish Reproductive Physiology

● 1989-2013.- Member of the Editorial Committee of Scientia Marina

● 1989.- Co-Chairman of the Symposium on Applications of Comparative Endocrinology to Fish Culture,

a Satellite Symposium of the XI International Symposium on  Comparative Endocrinology

● 1994-2012 .- Head of the Department of Fish Physiology and Biotechnology

● 2000.- Member of the Scientific Committee  of the20th Conference of European Comparative


● 2000-2001.- Member of the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) in “Sustainable Agriculture, Fisheries and

Foresty”; V FP of the U E

●2001-2003.- Member of the Commission  of the Area of Natural Resources of the  CSIC

● 2001-2003.- Member of the Steering Committee of the “Instituto Español de Oceanografía”

● 2003-2006 .- Member of the Team of Coordination of the National Evaluation and Foresight Agency (ANEP)

● 2004.- Organizer and Chairman of the 5th International Symposium on Fish Endocrinology

● 2005-2010.- President of the  “Asociación Ibérica de Endocrinología Comparada”

● 2014.- Member of the Scientific Committee of the 10th International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology

of Fish (ISRPF)


Some scientific and academic highlights

●  Publications: 179 Web of Sciences;  h index: 39 The Web of Science  and 46 Google Scholar;  Publications PubMed:

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Zanuy%20S; Digital CSIC: http://digital.csic.es/handle/10261/94/browse?type=author&order=DESC&rpp=20&value=Zanuy%2C+Silvia

● Adviser of eight Doctoral Thesis  and of ten Master Degree

● In the last five years has participated actively in more than twenty post-graduatecourses

● More than thirty  invited lectures in national and international conferences

● Participation in twenty eight International and thirty three National Research


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