Animal facility, Parasitological diagnosis of fish and Histology

Animal facility

Person in charge: José Ramón Mateo

The Service receives, coordinates and maintains the aquatic species (fish, molluscs,
crustaceans) subject to experimentation in the IATS, by means of their stabling under
the appropriate conditions. It also produces the live food necessary for its cultivation
(microalgae, rotifers, crustaceans). The purpose of the housing, is not only the survival
in optimal conditions, but also the maintenance of the experimental conditions
required by the different research projects. The Service supports all these aspects,
collaborates in the design of the facilities, and in the samplings and handling of
experimental animals. Its activities include the reproduction of species in captivity and
larval cultures, both in natural and experimental conditions. In addition, it coordinates
aspects related to animal welfare, applies clinical and preventive treatments, and
supervises external visits to the facilities.

Parasitological diagnosis of fish

Person in charge: Oswaldo Palenzuela

Diagnostic services of parasitic diseases of fish are provided by conventional
techniques (necropsy, fresh examination and histopathological studies) and by means
of PCR tests and other molecular tools in the case of the parasitoses of greater impact
in aquaculture. The service is specialized in the determination of parasitosis caused by
protozoa and endoparasites of difficult diagnosis, such as myxozoa, microsporidia,
amoebae, ciliates or flagellates.


Person in charge: José Monfort

The Histology Service of the IATS was set up in 1993. It is run by two staff technicians.
The Service has two rotating microtomes, a cryostat, a tissue processor in paraffin, an
inclusion center, heating plates, thermostatic baths and chemical safety hoods.
Processing of histological samples in paraffin and plastic polymers. It includes fixation,
dehydration, inclusion, cutting, staining and assembly.

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