AquaIMPACT Final Conference

The Final Conference of AquaIMPACT Project was held at Vienna on September 18th as an open conference in the framework of the EAS 2023. It was a successful event, with more of 110 people in the audience. IATS-CSIC Nutrigenomic group participated with two presentations. One highlighted the importance of microbiota gut resilience and functional plasticity as traits to be considered for future selective fish breeding and nutritional innovation programs. The other one linked nutritional programming, the use of feed additives and gut micriobiota in two gilthead sea bream populations, showing as an outcome that the nutritional improvement of farmed sea bream is largely dependent of both the metagenome and host genome according to the Hologenome theory of evolution.


A short AquaIMPACT vídeo with the main relevant messages of industry is available.

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