AquaIMPACT Newsletter

The 7th Newsletter of the EU project AquaIMPACT has been released. It is focused on the main achievements of the project in 2022, and one of the chosen highlights has been the nomination of our Fernando Naya-Català for the Student Spotlight Award in in the EAS Aquaculture Europe 2022 conference.

This work was chosen as one of three most outstanding among more than 120 presentations. It is focused on the regulation of gilthead sea bream gut microbiota by genetics and nutrition, and how the adherent gut microbiota can interact with host at the transcriptional level to modulate a wide range of biological processes for preserving and improving gut health and growth performance along a 12-month production cycle. It also disclosed the high resilience and functional plasticity of the microbial community when genetically selected fish for fast growth were challenged with changes in diet composition.

Shortly after his superb presentation, this work has been published in a Special Issue (Omics Technologies Applied to Aquaculture Research) of the high-impact Open Access journal Biology.

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