Gut microbiota and host transcriptome interaction for adaptation of fish to fish meal-free diets

Researchers of IATS Nutrigenomics and Fish Pathology groups, in collaboration with enterprises Sparos (Portugal) and Adisseo (Portugal) have recently reported in Aquaculture the notable results achieved in terms of growth and sanitary status of gilthead sea bream fed fish meal devoid diets, based on principles of circularity and resource utilization in the framework of EU GAIN project.

The new diet formulation was able to support optimal growth, and the suspceptibility to experimental infection with the intestinal myxozoan parasite Enteromyxum leei was not altered by diet. The fish adapted to this new diet formulation through changes in gene expression and gut bacterial composition. Moreover, it was shown that intestinal microbiota and host gene expression were correlated, evidencing that they can interact not only locally but also at a systemic level.

This work remarks the contribution of GAIN-derived feed formulations to sustainable aquaculture. The aquaculture-related site has published a press note (in spanish).

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