Ricardo Domingo-Bretón nominated to Student Spotlight Award of Aquaculture Europe 23 Congress

Nutrigroup PhD student Ricardo Domingo-Bretón is one of the three nominees to the Student Spotlight Award granted by the EAS at the upcoming Aquaculture Europe 23 Congress (September 18-21, Vienna), with the work entitled “Gilthead sea bream microbiota shifts associated with thermal stress and dietary intervention during a record heat summer“.

This work resulted by collaboration with Nukamel company through the AQUAEXCEL3.0 Transnational Access EMULSAQUA2, with additional funding from National THINKINAZUL project. The combined effect of diet fat level and emulsifier supplementation (Volamel Aqua) was tested in juvenile gilthead sea bream during the extremely hot summer of 2022 at the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Gut microbiota was revealed as a strong biomarker of heat stress, and the feed additive turned down the microbiota dysbiosis and mimicked the microbiota changes associated to low energy diets. A nice piece of work that merited his nomination. Best of lucks for Ricardo.

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