The success story of AQUAEXCEL2020 at 2019

The Institute of Aquaculture has participated actively on AQUAEXCEL2020 at 2019.

Researchers of Fish Pathology and Nutrigenomics groups participated on two face to face training courses: Planning and conducting experimental infection trials in fish & Fish nutrition and feeding

Four out of seven Project catalogues presented in the Info Day of EATiP of EAS Berlin 2019 were from IATS-CSIC.

The eighth AQUAEXCEL2020 newsletter has been released. It includes the Transnational Access (TNA) Success Stories section, with a focus on the productive TNA project Disrupting effects of plasticizers in sea bream conducted at IATS-CSIC.

CSIC published four AQUAEXCEL2020 articles of high Scientific impact on 2019:

Perez-Sánchez et al.,2019. Frontiers in Marine Science 6: 760

Peixoto et al., 2019. Scientific Reports 9: 16134

Forner-Piquer et al., International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20:5003

Sitjà-Bobadilla et al., 2019. Parasites & Vectors 12:486.

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