Training stay of Fernando Naya at CIGENE (NMBU)

The Nutrigroup PhD student Fernando Naya-Català just came back from a 3-months stay at the Center for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE-NMBU), in Aas, Norway. Nando was trained in the use of the PromethION platform for the generation of whole genome sequencing data and the detection of DNA methylation patterns in the sea bream genome, under the supervision of Profs. Matthew Peter Kent and Sigbjørn Lien, and Drs. Mariann Arnyasi and Arturo Vera Ponce de León.

This stay, co-financed by the EMBO and iMOVE short-term mobility fellowships, will help Nutrigroup to gain expertise in the working and performance of third-generation sequencing systems for epigenomics aproaches, promoting the knowledge advance in this field.

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